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SKU: 11046
10-46 Nickel Wound set.
SKU: PQ-5000-00
Fits most American and import Strat and Tele style guitars. Remove spacer for curved button.
SKU: 15010
10-46 Pure Nickel set.
The best on the market. Used by Gibson in their U.S.A. Les Pauls.
High quality Oak U.S.A. made 5 way switch. Has two wafers with extra tags for loads of different wiring options.
A very high quality, heavy duty bridge by Gotoh. This bridge allows for top loaded stringing only. Comes complete with mounting screws and allen key. Will directly retrofit a Fender bass.
CERAMIC / D.C. = 13K - This Music Man Stingray replacement pick-up is an answer to many prayers. The Stingray is a modern classic, but until now, finding a suitable replacement has proven difficult.
SKU: 135N
Uses a die-cast, two piece housing for additional precision and strength. The unique bearing surface within the housing provides a rigid string post which enhances the alignment of the gear and worm.
Includes the arm, 3 springs, spring claw with screws, allen keys, mounting posts and inserts. A superb quality unit and arguably the best Floyd Rose on the market today.